Visconti H.S. London Fog Rollerball Review

Here comes another Visconti review! Visconti’s Homo Sapiens London Fog is one of Visconti’s latest additions to their Homo Sapien’s line of pens. Others in this line include their Homo Sapiens Bronze, Crystal, and Florentine Hills variants. The new London Fog addition features unique smoky gray and blue color scheme. The London Fog is available as a limited edition of 888 pens total, across their fountain pen and rollerball. Like previous Homo Sapiens limited editions, the London Fog arrives in a stunning “piano black” clamshell wooden box, with Visconti’s signature logo on the top.

Galen Leather Zippered Pen Case + GIVEAWAY

I’d like to thank Galen Leather once again for sponsoring this review and giveaway of their Leather Zippered 3 Pen Case! They make some great leather products, such as pen cases, notebook covers, and folios, and you should check them out! They are a small two-person company, from Istanbul, Turkey specializing in handmade leather, wood, and brass products. You can find our previous review of their Leather Pen Roll here. You can find a giveaway of the product featured on the bottom of the page.

Conklin All-American Yellowstone Review

In the spirit of the Fourth of July weekend, I’ll be reviewing the Conklin All-American Fountain Pen. I’d first like to thank Pen Chalet for sponsoring this review! They are a premier retailer for all kinds of fine-writing instruments. Use the coupon code “FREEDOM” to save 10% on the total purchase price. Act quickly as the sale ends Monday, July 4th, 2016. The Conklin All-American Yellowstone is one of Conklin’s All-American pens offered in 5 distinct color patterns.

Galen Leather Pen Roll Review

First off, I would like to give a huge shoutout to [Galen Leather]( for sponsoring this post and providing a review sample of their leather pen roll! They are a small startup company founded in 2012 in Istanbul, Turkey. They are a two-person company specializing in handmade leather, brass, and wood products and have a wide selection of notebook sleeves, laptop cases, pen cases, and much more! Check them out [here](https://www.

J. Herbin Emerald of Chivor Review

First off, as many of you may have realized, it has been a long time since I’ve been maintaining this blog (almost 1⁄2 a year). This was because over the past few months, I’ve officially began my college career in the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). It has been an absolutely whirlwind of work and fun, and thus, I didn’t have much time left to write for the blog. Now, since everything has settled down a lot more, I’m going to be back up and running!

First Impressions - TF Est. 1968 Tourbillion Openside

TF Est. 1968 is a very under-the-radar Swiss brand that specializes in luxury goods, such as cufflink sets, timepieces, and pens. The brand was created in 1968 (obvious from it’s name) and creates products inspired by the world of watchmaking and mechanical watches. One of TF Est. 1968’s rollerball pens is their Tourbillion Openside which features a real mechanical watch tourbillion suspended in a see-through chamber. The top of the pen is wrapped with a crocodile stamped black leather.

First Impressions - Porsche Design Laser Flex Ballpoint Pen

Porsche Design is an under-the-radar upscale fashion, luggage, and accessories designer that happens to dabble quite often in writing instruments. The Porsche Design Group was founded in November 2013, as a subsidiary of Porsche AG (a.k.a. the car maker). Porsche Design writing instruments are marketed under the P’3000 name and include high end mechanical pencils and pens made of stainless steel. One of their “cooler” pens is definitely their Laser Flex pen which appears to change shape as it is pressed.

First Impressions - Visconti Homo Sapiens Crystal

(This pen was loaned to me by my good friend, Wendy for review purposes.) I’ve mentioned Visconti’s Homo Sapiens line many times before in my blog, and here is another addition, the Homo Sapiens Crystal. For those that haven’t seen my other reviews, check out the Homo Sapiens Florentine Hills, a bright green version, or the original H.S. Bronze. The Homo Sapiens Crystal is a beautiful blue version of the Homo Sapiens Crystal.

Pentel Graph Gear 600 Review

Pentel Co. is a Japanese writing instrument manufacturer with a wide range of products. The name was an amalgamation of the words “pen” and “tell,” as to mean “telling a story.” An interesting tidbit is that Pentel was the inventor of the non-permanent marker as well as the felt/fibre tipped pen. Their most ubiquitous product is definitely their Hi-Polymer erasers found almost everywhere. Another Pentel product that is quite popular is their range of Graph Gear mechanical pencils, their line of drafting pencils.

Noodler's Baystate Blue Review

Noodler’s is a huge one-man ink manufacturer that produces a wide array of ink colors with a huge amount of strange properties, from color-changing ink to archival-grade permanence. One of Noodler’s most popular inks is their Baystate Blue, a part of their Baystate series, which also includes Cape Cod Cranberry and Grape. Each of the Baystate series is known for its bright, vibrant colors but also for its interesting behavioral properties.