Xezo Légionnaire Review

Xezo may not be a well known company in the fountain pen world, but they sure make some amazing pens. They are more popular for their watches and sunglasses. Xezo is based in Texas, USA but all their fountain pens are made in Germany. Did I mention that all of their writing instruments are limited edition with only 500 pieces?

This is one of Xezo’s older pens that I’ve had for about half a year now. This one is an interesting combination of Art-Deco styles and Art-Nouveau in alternating bands around the body. The pen is made of solid brass and cut into an octagon.

The pen comes in a black leather (real!) box that opens with two flaps on each side. It is an interesting design for a pen box and Xezo is one of the only companies that makes the box like this. However, it does make putting the pen into the cloth ring a bit tricky, since it has to put in diagonally. This pen was released before Xezo was partnered with Unite4:Good so the outer white sleeve does not have the logo.

The barrel and cap of the pen are 100% solid brass. The body is plated with .999 pure platinum and then diamond cut into the octagonal shape. The barrel and cap alternates between linear Art-Deco bands and a hand-etched Art-Nouveau patterns. It is then mirror polished to its entirety and fitted with 18k gold plated pieces.

The pen uses a standard #5 nib and can be swapped with other #5 sized nibs like those from Edison and TWSBI. The nib are feed are friction fit into section and come out with a twist, not a pull. The pen uses a *standard international converter and/or standard international long/short cartridges.

I’ve used this pen long enough so I can comment on how it writes. The nib itself is quite wet and smooth. It also a bit soft allowing for a good amount of line variation. The pen is a bit heavy but it is still comfortable for long writing sessions (4 hours of notes). The pen comes in at 5.625” (14.4cm) capped, 5.1875” (13cm) uncapped, and 6.5” (16.5cm) posted. It is quite long and heavy so I do not feel it should be posted.

Below is a picture of the writing sample and a video of it.

The pen comes with a warranty card and a neat little certificate of authenticity. You can see that I got pen #115500.

This Xezo pens also comes with the same extras as the Xezo Maestro, like the leather case and the polishing cloth.

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