Nemosine Singularity Demonstrator Review

Nemosine is a new company that isn’t always talked about. They only make 3 lines of pens, each with a large variety of colors to choose from. The lines are: Fission, a heavy all-metal pen, Neutrino, a middle-sized metal pen, and Singularity, a light and all-plastic pen.

I actually have both the Fission and Singularity, while one of my friends has a Neutrino. For the Singularity, I opted for a clear (demonstrator) color, as it was my first time seeing a completely clear pen. The pen is available on for $18.35 as of this writing. You can pick from quite a large selection of nibs: XF, F, M, B, 0.6mm, 0.8mm.

I picked up a 0.6mm stub first, but I actually didn’t like it. The nib was a bit scratchy even though the tines were perfectly aligned. I wasn’t in the mood to do some modifications, so I took swapped a TWSBI B nib into it instead.

The pen uses a standard #6 nib which is friction fit into the grip section. All strong tug easily dislodges the nib and feed allowing you to swap in any other #6 nib you want, excluding Noodler’s (a post for another day). This greatly opens up your choice of nib, if you any reason, you aren’t satisfied with what you have now.

The pen is of medium length, but comes in extremely light when inked. The pen comes in at around 5.5 inches long or 14 centimeters. The pen is well balanced, posted and unposted. The center of mass (gravity) is right in the middle both posted and unposted. The cap screws in to the grip and the grip screws in to the body. The pen can be used as an eyedropper, holding around 3.5mL of ink in the barrel.

I do have a couple of complaints about the pen though. First off is the design of the cap threads. The cap threads go directly onto the grip, sometimes causing the section (grip) to unscrew with the cap. The entire barrel ends up falling off, and that is a major problem for an eyedropper. You don’t want an entire barrel of ink on your hands.

Also, the is a HUGE problem with cracking along the bottom of the cap. After only using the pen for about 2 days, I noticed a huge amount of stress cracking along the cap. I, for one, do not cap the pen very tightly, and am quite gentle with the pen. I emailed Nemosine support and they promptly sent me another cap. However, to my dismay, this cap came with stress cracks already! I decided to just ignore it, and use the new cap.

After a month, an entire piece of the bottom of the cap chipped off! I don’t even know how! Anyways, I am extremely disappointed with the quality of the cap. There is no cracking anywhere else on the pen. The chipped cap still seals the pen well, but is a definite eyesore. You can take a look at the cap below after the chipping. Anyways, I couldn’t expect too much from such a cheap pen.

I personally like this pen a lot, if it weren’t for the problems I mentioned. This pen used to be one of my EDC’s, until the cap just chipped off. Now, I rarely pull it out because it pains me to see the cap.

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