Montblanc Pink Ink Review

Every so often, Montblanc releases a new special edition ink, such as the JFK Navy Blue, or the Corn Poppy Red. Those inks are limited by time and will no longer be made after a certain date. In February 2015, Montblanc publicly released their special edition Pink ink.

This ink comes in a lovely 30mL cubic bottle with a hefty metal lid. The bottle is quite easy to fill from, with an extra wide lip and good depth. Personally, this is one of my favorite bottle designs in terms of visual appeal.

The MB Pink is a bright, but not retinal searing, hot pink that is perfect for personal journal writing and the occasional love letter. The color definitely stands out as unique, but not overly flashy. To me, Montblanc really hit the mark with the shade.

The review was written with a Visconti Homo Sapiens in a B nib, on HP 32lb Premium Choice Laser Paper.

On the page, this ink is very nice and behaves extraordinarily well. I have not noticed any feathering or bleed-through at all, even with extremely wet pens and drips on the page. There is very minimal show-through and is almost nonexistent. There is a little bit of shading from a light pink to a darker shade, but it is quite subtle. With very wet pens and good paper (Tomoe River), you will see an interesting gold sheen that rivals that of J. Herbin’s 1670 inks.

The water test of this ink shows that this ink is slightly water resistant. The drips were placed on the grid for 20 seconds then wiped away with a tissue paper. After those 20 seconds, the grid lines are still slightly visible and there is a little bit of smearing.

The Montblanc Pink is a very close match to Noodler’s Baystate Cape Cod Cranberry and is a great alternative if you are put off by the Baystate’s staining issue. Compared to Diamine Hope Pink, MB Pink is much darker and more red.

A bit on the expensive side, the MB Pink Ink can be found for $19.90 as a 30mL bottle directly from the Montblanc website. However, for a beautiful pink color that behaves perfectly, it is well worth the price.

I’m quite a bit fan of this ink and I will pick up more bottles if I run out. It will be a sad day when this ink is discontinued. Pick (pink?) it up while you still can!

What do you guys think about this color? Let me know in the comments! Are there any other inks that are very similar to this?

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