Montblanc Meisterstück Blue Hour Twilight Blue Review

Montblanc special edition inks are always a lovely thing to have! Occasionally, Montblanc comes out with a time-limited ink to commemorate “something,” whether it is a person, event, or thing. Their Twilight Blue ink was released in tandem with their Meisterstück Blue Hour pens.

This ink comes in the regular Montblanc special edition 30mL bottle with a metal cap. The lip is quite wide and can accommodate even my thickest pen with ease.

Blue-black is normally not my favorite color, but after using this ink, I’ve grown to like it. Unlike most blue-blacks that tend to lean towards a gray color, this one has heavy presence of green undertones. However, it does not actually count as a teal or a blue-green yet.

This review was done completely with a Pilot Parallel 1.5mm on HP 32lb Premium Choice Laser Paper.

This ink behaves very well even with a dripping 1.5mm pen. There is very little feathering and barely any show-through. There is no bleed, even on spots where the paper is pushed to the extreme. The color has a medium amount of saturation and is a tiny bit dry.

What’s really impressive is the amount of shading from this ink! It shades from a very light blue-black to a much darker and saturated shade. There is also quite a good amount of red-orange sheen that is quite hard to capture.

The chromatography of this ink shows a major blue portion (duh!) with large light-green part was well. There are hints of a bright sky-blue along the fringes too.

This ink isn’t exactly the most water resistant, but it isn’t too shabby either. The water test was performed by placing drops of water on the grid for 20 seconds then wiped away with a tissue.

After twenty seconds, the grid lines still has a very faint shadow of the ink and is barely visible. Thankfully, there is not too much wet smear when wiping.

This ink is a little on the pricy side but is cheaper than the other MB special edition inks. This can be found of $16 for a 30mL bottle, from your local Montblanc boutique and other Montblanc exclusive retailers.


  • Beautiful shading

  • Plenty of red sheen

  • Great behavior


  • A little pricy ($16 for 30mL)

  • Special edition (You will have to hoard it up!)

  • Not the most water resistant

What do you guys think about the color? Let me know in the comments! Does this ink look similar to anything else?

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