First Impressions - Xezo Maestro

Xezo may not be a well known company in the fountain pen world, but they sure make some amazing pens. They are more popular for their watches and sunglasses. Xezo is based in Texas, USA but all their fountain pens are made in Germany. Did I mention that all of their writing instruments are limited edition with only 500 pieces?

The Maestro is one of their newer pens made of abalone shell and 18k gold plated trim pieces. The pen is actually made of multiple “strips” of real abalone shell arranged along the barrel of the pen vertically. However, the barrel still maintains a smooth and very round shape, possibly due to an epoxy coating around it. The same applies for the cap.

The pen comes in a black leather (real!) box that opens with two flaps on each side. It is an interesting design for a pen box and Xezo is one of the only companies that makes the box like this. However, it does make putting the pen into the cloth ring a bit tricky, since it has to put in diagonally.

Xezo has recently partnered with Unite4:Good to donate part of their earnings to charity. It is a noble cause and their packaging reflects their new partnership.

The actual barrel of the pen and cap appear to be made of solid brass, so the pen has a decent weight to it. All the gold trim pieces are 18k gold plated, so there is not a chance of corrosion. The section/grip is made of solid black lacquer so it is not as slippery as some of the metal sections.

The pen is quite large, coming out to 6.69” (17cm) posted and 5.71” (14.5cm) capped. The pen with the cap weighs 1.4 ounces (39.69g). It is quite hefty so I would not post the pen. The cap posts with threads so it is extremely secure.

The cap is nicely engraved with the brand, edition, and serial number of the pen. My pen happens to be #18 of 500! The clip is standard and not spring loaded. It is a bit stiff, but should loosen with use. I’m not worried about it.

The pen comes with a bunch of nice accessories and booklets! It has a very high quality 2 pen case which fits even my biggest pen. It also has a black polishing cloth, similar to those glasses polishing cloths. There is also a certificate of authenticity card and a certification booklet. Comes with 4 black cartridges and a standard international converter.

Lastly, here is a lovely shot of the pen!

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