First Impressions - Urso Luxury White Tiger

(This pen was loaned to me free of charge for review purposed by my friend, Wendy. This review represents my own thoughts only)

Urso Luxury is one of those under-the-rader brands that I haven’t heard of until very recently. They specialize in creating very luxurious writing instruments which tend to feature precious metals and stones. One of their more popular series is the ones based off animals, such the Horse, Panther, Elephant, and Falcon.

The Urso Luxury Panther line features a sub-collection (is that even a word?) called the White Tiger, which inevitably features a white tiger (Who would have thought?). Like other Urso Luxury pieces, this one features a trim made with precious 0.999 Sterling Silver and is limited to only 50 pieces worldwide.

One of the first things you notice about this pen is the large tiger sneaking up the top of the cap. What’s even more interesting is that this white tiger is also the clip for this pen! This clip is spring loaded and feels very secure. Just think of the awesome reactions you will get with a tiger hanging from your pocket!

The pen comes in a luxurious wooden gift box that is felt (?) lined and features a small pocket for the pen itself. Also include is a cotton (?) pen sleeve for keeping the pen protected. In honesty though, this cotton sleeve will probably stay in the box and not be used. For a pen like this, it’s either going to be clipped to my pocket for people to see, or in a stronger pen case.

Another noticeable feature of this pen is the striking silver barrel. The barrel is cut with stripes to match the patterns of an actual white tiger. The other parts of the barrel (finial and front section) are made with a brown resin and has some chatoyance in places.

The barrel of this pen is quite hefty, but is offset by a more reasonably sized metal section. There is a pretty big “step” down from the large barrel to the section. The section tapers down very quickly then flares back up. This does prevent your fingers from sliding off the section but it may look a bit awkward to some people. Personally, I do not mind it. Also note that the threads are cut directly onto the metal section so people who hold the pen higher up may feel a bit of discomfort.

The nib on this pen is made of solid 18k gold and only available in the stock Medium. The nib I received is actually quite smooth and is right in the middle in terms of flow. The nib is quite soft but not very flexible. This nib in honestly is quite standard and nothing really sets it apart from any other nib. It is a standard #6 size and can be swapped with other #6 sized nibs except for Noodler’s (long story).

Not to disappoint anyone, but this pen is uses either a standard international converter or cartridge to fill. I really wish the back end of the pen would be a piston filler, but I guess we can’t have everything!

On the cap finial (which is also solid sterling) there is a 0.1 carat brown diamond decorating the plainness. Another testament to how luxurious this pen is and also slightly justifies the price point. The picture above does not really justify how the diamond looks. Keep in mind that it is not a VS1 diamond or anything, but it still looks nice.

This pen is quite a large pen itself but is not exceptionally heavy! The pen comes out at 5.375” (13.65cm) capped, 5.125” (13cm) uncapped, 7” (17.78cm) posted.

This pen with 0.999 sterling silver appointments and a 0.1 carat brown diamond retails for a hefty price tag of $3640 and can be found at a couple online retailers as well as a handful of brick-and-mortar stores.

Would any of you guys buy a pen like this? Let me know what you think about this pen in the comments below!

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