First Impressions - 5280 Majestic Fountain Pen

(This pen was loaned to me by my good friend, Wendy, for review purposes.)

Most of you probably have not heard of the “5280” brand of fountain pens, probably because it’s Paradise Pen’s exclusive house brand. Paradise Pen also makes Padrino pens. You can find the 5280 pens at either a Paradise Pen retail store or their online store.

The 5280 brand got it’s name from the number of feet in a mile. Paradise Pen is located in Colorado, also known as the “Mile High” city, and there are 5280 feet in a mile. Hence, the pen brand got its name, 5280.

Their 5280 Majestic is an all metal pen that has been intricately etched and covered in semi-transparent copper lacquer. The pen has rose gold colored appointments over a Rhodium trim.

The pen comes in a cardboard sleeve with a felt lined interior. The interior has a deep slot to fit the pen. The pen fits quite snugly and the box feels durable enough to protect the pen. The box isn’t very fancy but it definitely does its job well.

On the top of the pen, you can see the 5280’s Mountain logo along with the 5280 engraving. The engraving isn’t very deep, but it’s still quite visible. The cap finial also features a black lacquer rim giving the engraving a bit more contrast.

The clip on this is very unique as it is independently hinged from the rest of the body. There is a screw holding the clip in place which allows the clip to switch freely. The clip has a huge arc that it can swing, so it easily clips to anything you want it to.

The nib and section of this pen are both averagely sized. The pen uses a standard #6 sized nib and a standard acrylic section. The section tapers down a bit then quickly flares up at the end. The section fits quite well in the hand. The nib is also rose-gold plated to match the body, and actually looks very nice.

The pen uses a standard international cartridge/converter for filling and includes a converter which I believe is a Schmidt branded one. This pen is long enough to fit both short and long cartridges if you so wish. The cap on this pen screws on both ends, so it posts extremely securely and has no risk of flying off.

The steel nib I received was moderately smooth and wet. There was a little bit of feedback and was only a tiny bit scratchy on certain upstrokes. A quick tine alignment check fixed that easily. The nib, being steel, is quite stiff and does not flex very much. The medium line from the nib is on par with other Western mediums and thicker than Japanese mediums.

For the measurements of this pen, it comes out to 5.75” (14.6cm) capped, 5” (12.7cm) uncapped, and 6.875” (17.46cm) posted. The pen weighs 2.26oz (64g) posted and 1.2oz (34g) uncapped. This pen is really cap heavy, so I definitely do not recommend posting it, unless you are the Incredible Hulk, which you aren’t (I hope).

This pen is available for $240 from Paradise Pen, both in-store and online, and can be found in either a fountain pen, rollerball, or ballpoint depending on preference.

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