Delta Orange Skeleton Ballpoint Review

I normally do not do reviews on ballpoint pens, as I tend to use fountain pens but I felt like this amazing pen deserved a review.

Delta is an Italian luxury pen manufacturer that has been making pens since 1982. They constantly come out with lovely limited edition pens, such as their Indigenous People collection, as well as their production, Dolcevita line. Their signature orange color is quite unmistakable and very popular.

Their new limited edition line is their Skeleton collection, which features a resin body, available in the classic Dolcevita orange or a clear demonstrator, and a metal cage around it. The outer cage is made of a solid metal then completely coated with black Rhodium for a stealth look. A nice feature is the pen’s spring loaded clip which makes clipping it to your shirt or notebook a lot easier than with conventional clips. Not to mention, this pen is limited to only 888 pieces* worldwide in each color and style.

The pen arrives in a stunning display box with a plexiglass covered tray and an additional refill. It is quite an interesting box design, as the plexiglass cover is fastened by two screws (removed by hand). This definitely keeps the pen protected but still visible for display. The included refill arrives in a nicely sealed cardboard box, so their is not much to talk about there.

The pen deploys via a twist action mechanism on the back that is spring loaded. A gentle twist and the pen automatically engages. Going the opposite way causes the pen to snap closed. Opening and closing the pen is actually quite effortless compared to some other ballpoint pens.

The pen has a couple engraved markings along the body. On the top finial of the pen, there is an intricate Delta logo which matches the screws on the display box. Along the pen’s mechanism, the words “Delta Italy” are laser etched along with the serial number of the pen. Mine happens to by #158 out of 888.

This pen will accept any and all Parker-style refills so the refills should not be hard to find. Many manufacturers are available in many colors such as Aurora, Schmidt, or the ever-popular Fisher Pressurized refill.

The included Delta refill performs quite nicely and lays down a very fine line. There is no skipping so far and it is very smooth on quality paper. After leaving the pen for a couple weeks, it starts right up without hesitation. However, personally, I find the black to be a little bit dull and could use a little more saturation. It may just be that I am not used to writing with ballpoints anymore. ¯\(ツ)/¯ Below is a writing sample of the pen, done on HP 32lb Premium Choice Laser paper.


  • Size: 5 916 in. x 58 in. (142mm x 17mm)

  • Weight: 45 grams

  • Material: Acrylic resin (clear or orange) and titanium (Rhodium coated)


  • Beautiful design

  • Spring loaded clip

  • Limited Edition

  • Amazing display box


  • The refill could be more saturated

This pen retails at $395 and can be found at many online retailers that sell Delta pens!

What do you guys think about this pen? Do you prefer fountain pens or ballpoint pens? Let me know in the comments! I love to hear from you all!

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