Best Starter Fountain Pens

So, you want to get into the world of fountain pens? Well, there are thousands and thousands of different fountain pens out there, from a simple $3 pen to a $10000 Montblanc. If you are beginner to fountain pens, how do you navigate such a vast land of endless choices? Well, beginner pens are typically lower in price, have a firm fine or medium nib, and is generally very reliable.

This post serves as a list of my favorite beginner pens that I have tried myself. You will find some characteristics of each as well as the prices they can usually be found at.

###Platinum Preppy

The Platinum Preppy is a very inexpensive pen that performs way above the price point. It has a smooth nib and is very low maintenance. It can also be turned into an eyedropper if you wish.

  • Very inexpensive (Retails at $3)
  • Smooth and stiff nib (Fine and Medium available)
  • Cartridge/Converter filling (Platinum proprietary)
  • Lots of different colors (Black, Blue, Green, Red, Pink, Yellow, Violet)
  • Very well sealing cap

###Pilot Metropolitan

The Pilot Metropolitan (also known as the Metro) is considered Pilot’s entry line into their fountain pens. It is durable, rugged, and can take quite a beating. The nib is smooth like most other Pilot nibs.

  • Relatively low priced (Retails at $14.50)
  • Very smooth nib (Fine and Medium available)
  • Cartridge/Converter filling (Pilot proprietary converter included)
  • 4 colors with lots of different band designs
  • Very durable full metal construction

###Jinhao X450/X750

The Jinhao X450 and X750 pens are extremely inexpensive all-metal Chinese fountain pens. The nibs are a bit of a hit-or-miss, but the designs and cheap price make up for it in my opinion.

  • Very very low priced (Can be found for $1-$3)
  • A hit-or-miss nib (about 70% of a good one)
  • Cartridge/Converter (Standard international converter included)
  • LOTS of different patterns and designs to choose
  • Extremely durable all-metal construction

###Kaweco Sport and Ice Sport

The Kaweco Classic Sport and Ice Sport are two very nice pocket pens but turn into full sized pens when posted. It can be converted into an eyedropper for huge ink capacity.

  • Mid-range price (Retails at $23-$30)
  • Completely plastic construction
  • Lots of nib options available (Fine, Medium, Broad, Double-Broad)
  • Cartridge only (Standard international cartridge included)
  • Lots of colors available for both models
    • Ice Sport - Clear Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow, Pink
    • Classic Sport - Blue, White, Clear, Black, Bordeaux, Green

###Lamy Safari and Vista

The ever-popular Lamy Safari is a great beginner pen with it’s triangular molded grip section and springy clip.

  • Mid-range price (Retails at $28)
  • Completely plastic construction
  • Huge amount of nib options (Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, and Stub)
  • Crazy amounts of colors
    • Safari has over 15 colors
    • Vista is a completely clear pen
  • Cartridge/Converter filling (Lamy proprietary cartridge included)

These are my recommendations for beginner fountain pens! There are definitely other ones out in the market, but I personally like these the best. Please do keep in mind that the ink you use in your pens also plays a large part in your writing experience!

Let me know in the comments below what pen you guys recommend for beginners? I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions!

(All pictures in this post are credit to JetPens and were used with permission.)

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