Ghost Backend Upgrade (9/9/15)

The following post is a summary of the technical information behind the backend upgrade that will take place on September 9th, 2015.

The "Inks and Pens" blog that this page is on runs on a blogging software known as Ghost, which was released just two years ago. The current version of Ghost that this blog runs on is 0.6.4.

As of 9/8/15, the team behind Ghost released their 0.7 version, which includes significant changes in the backend of the blog. This includes a revamped admin interface, new editing features, and better mobile support. The upgrade to the newest 0.7 version will take place between 6:00PM and 12:00AM on September 9th, 2015, and the upgrade is estimated to take between 1-2 hours from start to completion.

During the upgrade, this site will be unavailable as the Ghost core resources must be replaced completely. This does not include the database which stores all posts, information, and structure. As well, this does not include any files which define the look of the blog, such as the Handlebars pages or the underlying CSS. As the upgrade takes place, all visits will be redirected to a placeholder page with the information about the update, very similar to this page. Please be patient during this time period.

The upgrade will be performed as fast as possible but is limited by a couple of factors. The first is the time it takes to download the new update and to push it to the hosting server. As well, the core functions may need to be rebuilt and the configuration of the blog may have to be reset if the update is destructive.

This post may be updated as more information about this upgrade is determined to be suitable for public release.